January + classical music

Where did January go? Normally it hangs about like a bad smell, but this year I feel like it comprised of only about 15 days- obviously not possible but this can only be a positive thing. Back in my school days, time passed horrendously slowly- I'd make this worse by attempting to calculate just how many days I had left before I was free (this usually took place in particularly slow Latin lessons) I think I began these calculations aged 13 or so..so you can only imagine the total of days was in the 4/5 figure region. I'm still grateful that those days are behind me and I'm free to plan my days and my life in the way I like now..so to conclude; January has been busy and as a result passed very quickly.

On a completely unrelated topic, last weekend, for the first time I went to the Berlin Philharmonie, I know absolutely zilch about classical music (the tickets were a Christmas present) but that is not to say, I don't want to know anything about classical music..I just don't know where to begin. My knowledge of classical music comprises of snippets of conspicuous scenes from Coppola's 'Apocalypse now' or Polanski films..But it was wonderful and actually very inspiring, both the building and location and the dedication and passion of the musicians..I love the relationship between music and imagery- so this is something I'd like to explore within my own work at some point..ooh the plans, the plans..