Burning his fuse up there alone

I designed this for last week's 'Rocket' Spoonflower competition, unless I am commissioned; I tend to design fabrics that I myself can imagine using in my own home. I am unsurprisingly not so into rockets and actually aside from ET and Space Odyssey; don't have a lot of time for Sci-fi films either..so the more I worked on this composition the more I wanted it to look less like rockets and slightly more abstract..it then ended up looking like Apache Indian dreamcatchers, hence the name 'Dreamcatchers' which in a way I suppose is accidentally poetic. This will be available to buy and I am really excited to see how it'll turn out. Designing this also made me nostalgic for the Elton John classic 'Rocket Man'..which takes me right back to my early childhood years growing up in the Essex countryside..I listened to that on repeat an unhealthy amount of times last week.