I love silver birch trees. I love the dramatic contrasting bark patterns, I love the beautiful diamond shapes of the leaves, I love the mystical association that these trees in particular have to healing and rebirth. In Finland they are commonly used in the sauna bunched together in a 'Vasta' or 'Vihta' and gently beaten against the skin, in order to stimulate/improve circulation. This action which is now a ritual to Sauna goers across Scandinavia, originated not only for the purpose of cleansing but to purify oneself against evil spirits.(whatever works for you!) The birch was also the earliest tree to recolonize the land after the ice age and is commonly seen as a symbol of Spring and regeneration. 

To me they are also like part of the family, many family photographs no matter how awkward we all look, the trees look good standing proud and serene in the background, lining the beautiful lakes and enhancing their environment, changing their appearance season to season.

 This Jan 14' Mirja+Mauno design entitled 'Koivu' is part of my 'Best Laid Plans' collection and is inspired by the Birch trees. 

Koivu will be available to buy soon in various weight fabrics, wall paper, gift wrap and decal. There will also be further colour ways available..