I am really trying to de clutter my life at the moment..I have a lot of 'stuff'..particularly piles of fabric. This is still from my university days, when I used to buy a lot of plain canvas (by the truck load) for experimenting/printing and embroidery. As I get older, I definitely need to live in a (fairly) organised environment in order to be productive.. Unfortunately,it is a genetic trait (flaw) that I cannot physically throw away/give/sell anything that I think may be of use in the future- so I am instead, going to try and sort through and make something practical with it every time I have a spare moment.. possibly to sell through my label or for gifts etc. I am heading off to Berlin at the end of next week and (unfortunately) flying with Ryanair, which means the usual issue of refusing to pay extra for a suitcase, so having to cram all my belongings into 1 carry-on bag, which has to be big enough to contain my clothes/laptop/shoes, but then not be so big that when I use it during the week, as a shoulder bag it looks as if I have an empty suitcase hanging under my arm. Despite having an extensive collection of bags, it seems that I never have the right one for this specific I dusted 
the cobwebs off one of the piles of heavy duty canvas, dug out some old leather strips (from a deconstructed vintage jacket) and sewed a Hold all. 
It has an inside pocket for tucking away your purse, phone and passport. The shorter plaited handles are long enough to go over your shoulder, as well as the much longer strappy shoulder straps. When I travel; bag handles snapping, zips going, seams bursting etc are a common occurrence, usually en route to the airport, so I have to struggle  to prevent the contents from spilling at every stage of the journey. I suspect this says more about my (poor) packing /selection process than it does the quality of the bag..

Canvas Travel Tote by Mirja+Mauno
Fabric: Heavy weight upholstery cotton, brass heavy zip
Reclaimed leather handles and shoulder strap.
Inside pocket measures: 21"x23.5"
Bag measurements: W37"xH 47"xD 20"