Sewing + Finnish Tradition

I have spent a couple of (very hot! 28 degrees outside?) days burning rubber on my trusty sewing machine, to produce a range of wall hangings. They are a modernised version of the traditional Finnish 'Ryijy'. The Finnish tradition of hanging a large decorative piece of cloth or woven composition on your wall dates back to the 9th century. Traditionally the Ryijy were heavily woven tapestries and were commonly given as wedding gifts..the bride and groom would actually be married/say their vows standing on the rug and it would then adorn the walls of their marital home as (hopefully) a happy memento of their big day. I would love to progress to producing bigger scale printed textile wall hangings, with large areas of day!
I'm not sure why I don't see more modern wall hangings about.(in the UK at least). I think they are the perfect solution to brightening up a room. My range measure 80x130cm, the fabric is heavy weight upholstery cotton, with a weighted hem, suspended from a pine pole (white painted or natural). They are a good size to have above a kitchen table, or to brighten a hallway-or simply a room that needs an injection of colour. The wall hangings will be available to buy through my shop very soon..