Things to make and do..

I and 6 billion others tuned in to watch Danny Boyle's surreal and eccentric Olympic opening ceremony on Friday night. My highlights definitely include the lit up hospital beds in the NHS sequence, the lit flying winged bikes and the flying Mary Poppins ladies. I basically loved everything that lit up or was on wires, it worked so beautifully against the night sky!  Oh and Mike Oldfield, I am not ashamed to admit that I felt bit emotional at this point..those haunting tubular bells, was so epic. Only 2 tut/ eye roll moments for me; the first being the GB team gold accented tracksuits (?!) British high street chain Next is responsible, Stella M has made that very clear, the second being the announcement that Paul McCartney was taking to the stage (groan) and guess what he was performing? yes- Hey Jude..(5 minutes had passed since we'd last heard it) is it me or does every live event in London now have to include Paul McCartney as a rule? But from what I could tell, with the tv muted- the crowd seemed to really enjoy it, which is what it's all about. Must have been incredible to be there. I had hoped the Rolling Stones would perform, because of their 50th anniversary and all that..but maybe they'll make an appearance at the closing ceremony instead…
Anyway, aside from that- (+ sporadic viewing of old A Touch Of Frost episodes) it has been a productive (yet clearly non eventful) weekend! I have made a new range of little bag/cases which are available to buy from my shop.

The cases are available in Lintu Koto, Berlin leaf, Blue Meadow and Wing fabric.
They'd be perfect as little sewing cases, to keep your scissors/favourite cotton reels/needle cushions etc together..or as make up bags..or pencil cases..basically great to keep bits and pieces together that don't have a home.